Mystery Dinner


Murder at the AI Lodge

  • Game Mode:
  • # of Players:
    5- 8
  • Two players can share a video call device.

An online game for 5 to 8 players and one game master - two players can use the same video call device. 

It's the year 2030: A group of strangers are locked in their rooms at a creepy self-aware hotel while a thunderstorm rages outside. Only being able to communicate via an old video call app, they have to find out what happened to fellow hotel guest and tycoon daughter Esmeralda Emerson who was found dead in her room. The Hotel itself is going to conduct the investigation as per its programming. Which, unfortunately, also consists of a self-destruct sequence, in case the murderer is not identified by the end of the night... 

What's for dinner?

The Hotel offers a range of very customised foods and drinks. To prepare for dinner, you'll need

  • some tea and tea cake
  • your favourite food / what you most feel like eating for dinner
  • a weird sauce to combine your food with
  • your favourite dessert
  • your favourite drink